Charlie Pet Hotel opened its doors in Sümeg in 2010. We have, from the very beginning, strived to ensure that our Pet Hotel did not only conform with regulations, but also created an environment where our guests would feel at home. Safety, large grounds and plenty of space, as well as regular loving treatment of our Pets, are all of great importance to us. All our staff members are fully trained and qualified to deliver a service that meets our high standards and expectations, with a love of animals being at the forefront of our criteria.

Charlie Pet Hotel caters for both cats and dogs. We also operate our own Veterinary Clinic alongside the boarding kennels. Furthermore, we are pleased to announce the opening of our new Animal Shelter section which has allowed us to rescue over 70 dogs and 20 cats enabling them to find a caring new home. We allocate a big share of our Pet Hotel’s revenue to animal protection and rescue.

We are continuously investing in the development and expansion of our Pet Hotel. We currently own a territory of 3.5 hectares which is completely fenced off and developed for the comfort of our guests. We know that dogs are indeed part of the environment and therefore enjoy being out in the open the most. We have thus made provision for plenty of running grounds for them to run around freely.

All our dog houses are very roomy, heated and well insulated with their own allocated running area. All our buildings and kennels are very modern and built to a very high standard and they are always kept very clean, tidy and hygienic. All the kennels are very spacious and designed to ensure that the pets have a very enjoyable time during their stay with us

Dr. Balázs Capári
Pension manager and veterinarian

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