Cathotel prices

Our cat rooms are 6 square meters, spacious, bright, with scratching posts, toys, a view and the possibility to see through a glass wall to other rooms. We do not accommodate foreign cats together, the rooms are for exclusive use.

With the owner’s permission, the kittens can meet and play with other cats. For the duration of the boarding, the owner must provide the cat food and litter. You can bring anything that may be important to your pet.

Please have the kittens’ annual vaccinations and worming ready for the day. If you need any veterinary intervention or examination, it can be done in our veterinary clinic during your stay, please indicate this at the time of booking.

The daily fees for keeping cats in a room are as follows:
1 kitten: 3,500 HUF
2 cats: 6,500 HUF
3 cats: 8,500 HUF
4 cats: 10,000 HUF

Daily heating fee +1,500 HUF

For longer stays, we can provide the following discounts:
1 month-3 months -15%
4 months-6 months -20%
Over 6 months -25%

Daily fee for keeping small animals in indoor kennels: 1,500 HUF per animal

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